All of us are prone to fall into the trap of the devil. And he wants us to repeat the history. What happened in Genesis 3:10 could happen in our lives as young adults. If I ask you this question: what is the biggest threat to our spiritual conditions? Fear is the answer. And as our main theme talking about “reign in life,” we can’t give place for fear.

Why fear is the biggest threat to our spiritual conditions? Because if we have fear, as little as it is, it will grow and becomes the root of our problems. Let me bring you back to the story of Adam and Eve in Genesis 3. Fear becomes the root of all man’s wrongdoing. These three things sprang out from fear:

  • Breach the law (fear of being fooled by God). Isaiah 24:4-5. God’s law is His Word, and it is like the lines, the rules that keep everything intact.
  • Runaway (fear of being responsible). Jeremiah 2:4-6.
  • Hide (unrealistic fear). Job 34:22.

Another unrealistic fear is the thought that if you don’t have some amount of money (like others), then you lose your self-esteem. A rabbi with the name Smoley Boteach wrote this in his book: “Money should never be turned into a currency to purchase self-esteem.” Fear is gripping our modern society. It confused them, bring anxiety and gives them death. Luke 21:25-26.

The answer for this is Grace of God (2Timothy 1:6-7) and He gives that abundantly, read Romans 5:17. From the letter of Paul to Timothy, we learn that we must “rekindle God’s gift (His Grace),” and “remember that you need the Holy Spirit.” The Holy Spirit is not given you spirit of fear, but Spirit who produce power, love, and Self-Control (check-out the notes on the Opening Session).



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