What styles of music do you most enjoy?

Modern rock, pop-rock, alternative.

When you listen to music at home, in the study or the car, what kinds are most common?

Pop-rock, modern rock.

If you choose the hymns for worship, what is your criteria for selection?

Powerful words, biblical, catchy  tunes.

If you do not choose the worship hymns, why not?

Cheesy tunes, laid-back tunes.

Do you keep a record of hymn usage in worship?


What does the record indicate about your preference?

I prefer an uplifting, contemporary, but also some old hymns that can moved me.

How many unfamiliar hymns has your congregation sung in the past year?

Several new songs, we have tried to do one new hymn song every month.

How well do you know the hymnal you use?

Usually we chose songs based on each worship leader preference.

Do you study its hymns, their meaning and use?

Not yet. Usually we only pick it up based on the tunes and the lyrics, no further study yet. But, that would be a good idea to take times and learn the song before we sing it.

How often do you meet with your minister of music or choir director, accompanists and/or other musicians and soloists to plan, share your ideas, get theirs, and discuss the direction of the music ministry?

Usually we have monthly meeting with all the worship leaders. A quarterly meeting for all service minister, But, we rarely discuss about the direction of our music ministry. So, it would be another good idea to put this into discussion.

What is your personal church tradition? Are you from a liturgical background, emphasizing more ordered worship, classical music and restrained dignity? Or have you grown up with nonstructured worship, spontaneous songs and choruses (some composed right on the spot), and enthusiastic emotional release? Are you somewhere in the middle?

We are pentecostal, in fact our church denomination is the first pentecostal church in Indonesia. In music, we try to keep up the modern music but still have some burden in old songs.

Think back to times when you have been deeply moved and ministered to by music. What caused this? Was it the music, the musician, the setting, or your own personal involvement and response?

I think it was the personal experience that God gave me the  chance to join a music ministry in Bandung that brought me into deeper relationship with God through music.

What is your musical experience and/or training?

I have been taking electone course in 6th grade, classic guitar course in 11th grade, and drum course in my 2nd year in college. Joining a choir ministry in the same year as my drum course started. In church I have been experiencing ministry as musician, singer, choir, and worship leader.

How important is music to your family? What are their tastes?

My family is very much into music, we love songs, mostly Christian Songs. But I think my biggest influence in music was my brother, who introduced me to pop, rock and alternative style of music.

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