When: July 2018.
Where: Yogyakarta.
Remarks: We live to praise and worship.

When: December 2016.
Where: Sydney.
Remarks: Courage to overcome.


When: December 2015.
Where: Probolinggo.
Remarks: From Faith to Glory.


When: June 2015.
Where: Guci, Tegal.
Remarks: You are limitless.


When: end-March 2015.
Where: Tegal.
Remarks: For God is the reason of our existence.


HOF Valentine 2015

When: February 2015.
Where: Tegal.
Remarks: Language of Love, it is not what the world says.


When: December 2014.
Where: Pontianak.
Remarks: The Main Focus must be Jesus, who brings hope and miracle along with Him.


When: end-November 2014.
Where: Batam.
Remarks: The Gift produces prayer, and a prayer brings down The Gift.


When: end-September 2014.
Where: Surabaya.
Remarks: When Germans meet Indonesian.


When: end-June 2014.
Where: Kalimantan Tengah.
Remarks: On a mission boat.

jup easter 2014

When: mid-April 2014.
Where: Tegal.
Remarks: Our God is Love, HIS Sacrificial Act beyond words.


When: late-January 2014.
Where: Bandung.

Remarks: “For Love requires Passion-Affection-Commitment,” I said once.


When: mid-August 2013.
Where: Tegal.
Remarks: 10-minutes-nap after lunch.


When: mid-June 2013.
Where: Batam.
Remarks: With my friend’s mom just before holy matrimony.


When: June 2013.
Where: One of resto in Bali.
Remarks: Nice fellowship with one of Haggai Institute class mate.


When: late 2007 or early 2008.
Where: Singapore, one of city park over there.
Remarks: My bro said, “Gayamuu ndull..” Padahal itu natural. Hahaha.


6 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. Shalom ka Jeff..
    Its been a long time since I moved out from Tegal yahhhh kangen suasana gereja di Mahanaim. Saya baru saja menemukan website ini dan isinya sungguh luar biasa. I hope u still remember me.

  2. Shalom ka Jeff..!! lama nggak kedengeran kabarnya nih tahu2 saya “kesasar” ke sini wkwkwk =D Glad to see your ministries! Ttp antusias dan ditunggu pelayanannya di sini hehee

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