It’s really enjoyable to have such quality time with God.

And I do believe what is true with God, it is true with our daily living.

For these are the greatest commandments: Love your God with all your heart, mind and strength. And love other as you love and mindful of yourself.

God is love.

And what He wants to do is to show us love. This the main and the foremost reason of our existence. If all of these complex, amazing, mesmerizing thing we can sense around us, would have been comprised in a word, that word should be: LOVE.

For as a father loves his child. As it is our Heavenly Father.

He doesn’t put terms and condition, He loves.

And moreover we don’t have to payback or try our ridiculous-way (the best we think we can do) to please Him. He loved us already. Since Day One. Even days before our existence. And because of that love so abundantly real and overflowing. It is impossible that we don’t give. It is out of mind if we don’t do something, in love basis, to please Him.

I am not a sophisticated person. But, this is what I know.

My God loves me. And I love Him.

That’s my religion, that’s what I believe.