Here are top 4 bands or music groups that representing my ideal music.

1. Delirious? (now dismissed)


2. True Worshippers (now changed to) JPCC Worship.

jpcc worship

3. U2


4. Padi


My TOP 10 Songs recently played on my playlist:

(outside of four bands above)
  • Bethel Music – “Goodness of God.”
  • Chris Tomlin – “Good Good Father.”
  • Lauren Daigle – “You Say.”
  • Unspoken – “Reason.”
  • for KING & COUNTRY – “God Only Knows.”
  • Kunto Aji – “Pilu Membiru.”
  • Isyana Sarasvati – “Untuk Hati yang Terluka.”
  • Payung Teduh – “Untuk Perempuan yang Sedang Dipelukan.”
  • Banda Neira ft. Gardika Gigih – “Sampai Jadi Debu.”
  • The Overtunes – “I Still Love You.”

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