We can’t rely on ourselves.

We were taught to be an independent man/woman. And an independent man means, you can do it by yourself. Nothing further than the truth, we are actually can’t. We were not created in that manner.

No matter how good the advertised jargon used to promote “D.I.Y” or Do It Yourself. We just can’t do it on our own. That’s why we need a savior. That’s why people around the world, young and old, mesmerized by the figure of a hero.

But our true hero is God. And He is the one and only who can be our savior.

This fact that man has everything gone wrong by themselves is pertinent in the case of Adam (we include Eve, because they’re two become one). And also in the case of Peter in Matthew 26. The moment God told you not too boast on the truth of yourself. He really mean that you are in the verge of doing it. Why God didn’t stop them, He is an omniscience God, isn’t He?

Remember this, God can’t retract what He has given, but He surely will demand an account from you when you come before Him and explain what you have done with such a potential.


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