“For every beginning has an end.” For everything that begins, there is always an end. So, there is a beginning and an end. There is Alpha, and there is Omega (this is for Greek letters), there is “A,” there is “Z” (this is for the alphabetical letters we are familiar with).

We can see the beginning and the end, in the series of creation weeks written in Genesis 1. There was a beginning and an end to the series. We call the end of that week, Sabbath. In Old Testament times, it was Saturday, and now in New Testament times, it is Sunday.

When it comes to the beginning of creation, there are many “smart people like scientists” who do not believe it and try to prove the opposite. There are so-called “god particles” or scientifically; they call them “Higgs bosons.” To cut the story short, it is the particles that makeup everything in the world. But inevitably, they will fail because they have closed their eyes that God is the first and creator of everything. Everything will also end with Him.

We say “It is done” when we have finished a job. “It is done” is the same as “it is finished.” Done or finished is synonymous with these words in English: “complete,” “perfect,” “good.” All synonyms that I mentioned are interestingly illustrated in 3 consecutive verses in Genesis 1:31 and Genesis 2: 1-2.

– Good. Genesis 1:31.

– Finished. Genesis 2:1.

– Complete. Genesis 2:2.

What is the meaning of what is written on the first page of our Bible?

1. God created everything in its final form so that we can say that the theory of evolution is unbiblical.

2. We humans, God’s creations, are perfect creatures (Genesis 1:27), and we were created for a purpose (verse 28).

3. That’s why even when humans fell, God immediately planned redemption. Genesis 3:15.

Humans are precious in God’s eyes, even to those who are chosen and called in God’s plan (such as the nation of Israel and for us, God’s people of this generation). God says that we are: “precious in His eyes, glorious, loved, and guaranteed protection. Isaiah 43:4. You are perfect in His sight. Stop comparing yourself with others. You will become imperfect and feel invaluable by doing that.

One of many questions for us is this, “why did Jesus have to sacrifice?” We can find it in Jesus’ parable.   Luke 10:25-37. Since the fall of man, man is destined to die. We were born to die! The devil got a chance to rob us completely. The superiority, privilege, and glory of man have decreased from time to time. If there is no savior, then we are sure to die. What I mean with “die” either:

– Physical. Humans have a shorter life span, from Genesis 6:3 (up to 120 years) to Psalm 90:10 (only 70 to 80 years).

– Spiritual. It means that when humans become wicked (evil), then the end of the path is destruction. Psalm 1:6.

Thus, to be the Savior of the world, Jesus had to die! Why? To replace us who should die. He died so we might live. The picture was the sacrifice in the Old Testament (Leviticus 16:34). It needed to be sacrificed annually for atonement. But all of these rituals were fulfilled with HIS sacrifice, which marked a New Testament. The perfect sacrifice, once for all. Hebrews 9:28.

So, when Jesus says, “it is finished” (John 19:30), it means that his mission is finished, sin no longer “invades” people’s hearts. Judgment, that is, the death caused by sin, is no longer part of us. Romans 8:1-2. However, when we listen to the wrong teaching, it can rob our Peace,

Now, think about the following questions.

– Are you still filled with guilt?

– Are you still not free from sin?

– Are you still in contact with the other spirits who bind you?

– Are you still searching for the truth?

Jesus offers you today unlimited grace and Peace, will you believe in Him? When Jesus says, “it is finished,” it means that the devil can no longer take charge of us. The punishment is passed (Passover) from us when we are in Jesus. How can we live in Jesus? Does that mean living in the church? No, when we live in Jesus, it means:

1. Believe. John 3:18. HE has provided facilities for us to be complete and good after humanity fell into sin.

2. Live right. John 3:21. It means life to avoid sin. Remember, Jesus did not become sin because HE sinned. Thus, we are justified, not because we are righteous. We are justified because of the righteousness of God that is “given” to us. How can we walk over the gift by living irresponsibly? So, we do not want to be called “people who are not grateful, people who have been helped, yet we crucified Jesus again.”

3. Come to the light who is Jesus. John 8:12. People who live in truth have nothing to hide. Everything is open, and he was happy in the sun. But instead, those who live in darkness, like to protect their lives and stay away from the light.

Jesus said this in John 14:27, “Peace I leave with you, My Peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” He provides unlimited grace shown in our existence and our redemption. Because of that, we have this unlimited Peace, knowing nothing can separate us with the love of Christ. Hebrew 8:35.  

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