Romans 5:17 is our main verse and we will learn about reigning in life throughout this session and upcoming sessions. Reign could also mean to rule over something. Furthermore, it means that you have control and not being controlled by something. Interestingly in Galatians 5:22-23 where it famously mentions the fruit of Spirit, self-control mentioned as the ninth. But many biblical scholars see those characters actually inverted with love or charity as the last, and the highest achievement of people who live by the Spirit.

So, self-control is the foundation of your spiritual life, you must take control over your life! You may think that self-control is an easy thing to do. But self-control in life is different compared with controlling dead toys, or your dog, or your remote TV, your partner, and even with controlling an organization.

To be not controlled by something is a hard thing to explain, especially for millennials. The millennials are taught to easily put blame on others and that they could easily losing grip of their life because of the external factor in their life. This is a modern way of think and more and more become the modern truth.

Now I will give you some points in modern truth, that contrary to the biblical truth. Here they are:

  • “Feelings over wisdom.” Ephesians 4:19 (and also read verse 17-18)

The fact is that your feeling could fool you, and I will present you the same case that had happened to the Corinthians. 1Corinthians 5:1.

  • “The role of government.” Romans 13:1-2.

I really want to see one of you to be part of the government. And if you get that chance, this is will be your verse: Matthew 20:25-28. Reign in life as the Bible said is not to be likened as the worldly ruler. “Life is a coincidence.” Jeremiah 1:5. What is a coincidence? Is it random events or acts that produce an event/act/end result? If that is the definition then you must read Ephesians 2:21. God likes order, pattern, and He works on many things like that. He is not just a random God.



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