Different Perspective

All of us have different ways to see and perceive something caught by our senses. Talking about perspective, I always remember the story of Job. He has 3 friends that come over to show their sympathy upon hearing a string of bad luck happened to him. I mean now we know that those “bad luck” caused by the satan.

But let turn our focus to one of the conversations between Job and Eliphaz in Job 5. Eliphaz think that it is impossible for someone endure suffering without precede by a sin or wrongdoing. That is why at verse 1 he confronts Job, for who would be defending him.

Then in verse 2 to 7 Eliphaz saw that there is a tight causal effect between an evil act and punishment. Man could cause his own suffering. I am not in position to deny that view, even that statement is not completely a false statement.

Let’s turn to James 4:1-2 in which James explains that problems and conflicts arise from man’s desire. In more detail he writes: “…because you do not ask (pray to) God.” (NIV)

Because Eliphaz sees from different perspective, or you may say different point of view. He didn’t fully understand what happened to Job in an awful calamity. Many of you have known this saying, that different perspective produces different response.

The book of Job is an interesting piece of work. I mean it considered as a stellar work of ancient literature. But I want you to see Job’s story as a way of God telling man that: YOU KNOW NOTHING!

Psalmist once wrote a similar big story-line with Job’s story. Check Psalms 73:12-14 and look for yourself, if you can find that similarity. And if you move further to verse 17, this is what our theme talking about, it wrote “…till I entered the sanctuary of God; then I understood their final destiny.” (NIV)

What kind of experience that you have? Jesus the Savior of the world oftentimes misunderstood by many of His followers because they see things differently. And as the sermon at Good Friday Service, we have heard that many people questioned His choice to suffer and die. Certainly, you can’t understand that if you put your human common sense.

As you know, His love is extraordinary, the extravagant love, the “so love” kind of love. You can only see His view if you enter His sanctuary and put God’s “glasses” on you. Your perspective will determine your response.

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