Order Buku: “Anugerah Setiap Hari”

Sekarang sudah bisa order buku: “Anugerah Setiap Hari” via Tokopedia – Mahanaim Online Shop.


Bisa juga didapatkan di Mahanaim Corner (Toko Buku Mahanaim) Jl.Kapten Ismail 137 Tegal, atau juga bisa didapatkan di Toko Buku Berea (SAB) Jl.Soekarno-Hatta 7-9 Batu.

Harga setelah tanggal 27-Mei-2016 adalah Rp.60.000,- dan setiap pembelian buku ini sepertiganya akan disumbangkan untuk Pelayanan Departemen Lintas Budaya GPdI Mahanaim Tegal.


3 thoughts on “Order Buku: “Anugerah Setiap Hari”

  1. Jeff is a good friend and I believe he could make an excellent procrastinator. This book is the proof. He finally gave it to us after 7 years. Or maybe he’s just shy (meh). Anyway Thank God he didn’t write for Game of Thrones. OK here’s my review:

    Chapter one hasn’t been well structured, some mini chapters are too short ;I didn’t get the message by the time I finish reading them! Chapter two was enjoyable, fun and very fast to read (under 25 minutes) and for me it’s my favorite chapter. I think all readers could agree with me- good to know what the writer’s made of (meaning: personal life). Chapter three needs polish and ‘glitters’ because I found it a bit dry. I didn’t have the bible with me, while there are so many bible verses and instructions to read. it seems like it rushes to final with rough and sketchy endings.

    OK That was my review short after I put down the book.

    After a couple of days, I don’t know why some passages (even some of them that I thought were less important and less thoughtful) have kept sounding in my mind -when i’m walking, driving, showering, etc. Perhaps they are trying to talk to me but in a very light, (unconscious) and subtle way. And they turned into ‘powerful’ words by the moment. Avid readers might not like this book for how it was written, or what was written- (it’s not this book’s core value). But let’s expect better! I’ve come to realize that the essence of reading is purely understanding, and best when the words whisper to us everyday. The tittle says it all: Anugerah Setiap Hari.

    ps: Sorry I can’t share what I got but I am sure everyone will get their message in their unique ways.

    Well well well My little birds told me the book has a sequel (still in GOT mood). 😉
    Do we need to wait another 7 years? By the time he could use these words : Jeff Minandar … ‘Sudah enggak muda lagi’ in his profile. Ha!


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