The logic of love.


2 thoughts on “Love.

  1. If Logic is a must then it should be something like this:


    Boy : “What are you doing?”
    Girl : “Spinning counterclockwise – Each turn robs the planet of angular momentum, slowing its spin-the tiniest bit, lengthening the night, pushing back the dawn, giving e a little more time here, with you”


    #Lovelogic #Nerdromance


  2. Logika dan perasaan itu mesti seimbang dan sejalan jika ingin mencintai.
    Kalo pake logika terus, mending balik lagi belajar matematika. Dan sbaliknya jika pake perasaan, siap-siap unt merasakan nano-nano ala lophe lophe di udara.
    Wakakakak *pusing pala batman*

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