On that night (A story of Forgiveness).

One night I woke up, and walked out of my house to breathe night air. Suddenly, my eyes stucked to a shadow of man, burning-up something. He was holding a diary, and ripped up one page after another. He didn’t burn all of the pages, only certain pages. I walked closer and looked. This man is a tall person, wearing a white robe, and a big scar in His hands. I gasped, “Jesus?” He looked at me, oh my, what is this, my heart pounding hard, but at the same time I felt an overwhelmed peace. My lips glued, but finally I managed to asked, “What are you doing here?” I can’t get my eyes off of him. He smiled at me and said, “I ripped off few pages from your life diary.” Life diary? What is that. He explained, “You see, its filled up with the record of your sins, day-in, day-out.” And brave enough my curiosities continued, “With what?” He didn’t answer right away, he looked down. And I see two poles, stacked to each other. I can’t believe my eyes, it is a wooden cross. It burns, but the cross remains unburned. “I did this because I love you.” I clearly can see tears running on His cheeks. He ripped one last page, threw it in the midst of fire, and I can tell you it was disappear, without any trace. “It is finished,” He says that with His deep, low, calming voice. In no time He is standing right in front of me. He handed me that “life diary” and says, “Look I made everything new, go, back to your bed, and sin no more.” I just can’t stand this, I broke down and cry, and my tears is all over that white and clean pages before me, my life diary is as white as snow. He hugged me and whispered me, “I love you.” And the next moment, I opened my eyes, I was on my bed, laid down, breathless, with teary eyes, I said, “Thank you Jesus, thank you big “G”, thank you for the cross.” It was the greatest feeling I ever have in my entire life.

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For So Many Times.

Never give up is the tag-line. A son of Living God is the identity. The power within is assuredly laid in mind. But, soon you will face the fact that you are in the middle of battle-field, with a do-or-die decision to be made. For so many times, we will give up a little bit. A little bit of our dignity, a little bit of our integrity, or a little bit of your consistency. But a little bit is enough to bring you down. A little bit of the forbidden fruit has gone this far to every man born in this world.

Stand up for what is righteous, favorable, and reputable! You can do it, with the Spirit.