Happy New Year.

My oh my.. it’s 2015. How time flies away so fast. What can we do for this new beginning? Frankly for the first time my answer is ACCEPTING.

What I mean with this is, sometime a person really fixed in his/her past and do not have courage to move forward. So my message is clear. Just accept it. You have learned from the past, you live for today, and you are expecting the best for the future.

Second thing but not less than the first is, A BETTER YOU. Most of the time people struggling with dissatisfaction feeling. And what is the root of it? Comparison. Many people need to spend their lifetime to learn this and learn it hard way.

What you simply need is to understand you don’t need to be somebody else. You are you. Like the  Maker of Universe had said “I AM WHO I AM.” He didn’t need somebody else to define His power and majesty. It’s embedded in Him. And as He is so are you!