For So Many Times.

Never give up is the tag-line. A son of Living God is the identity. The power within is assuredly laid in mind. But, soon you will face the fact that you are in the middle of battle-field, with a do-or-die decision to be made. For so many times, we will give up a little bit. A little bit of our dignity, a little bit of our integrity, or a little bit of your consistency. But a little bit is enough to bring you down. A little bit of the forbidden fruit has gone this far to every man born in this world.

Stand up for what is righteous, favorable, and reputable! You can do it, with the Spirit.



Hari ini.

Dalam setiap kesempatan merayakan pergantian tahun kita memiliki begitu banyak harapan perubahan atas tahun yang baru.

Tetapi seperti yang diketahui oleh banyak orang juga bahwa periode gairah untuk perubahan itu akan menghilang seiring kegagalan-kegagalan untuk tetap konsisten melakukan perubahan.

You have to start new every day, don’t give up by the failures.