Forgiven but not Forgotten.

In the day-in and day-out of this life we will meet many unexpected circumstances. And it is not a time to do self-pity, or whining around. You have to forgive. It is not because you are weak. Weak people never forgive. Forgive it, but forget it not. Because you have to learn something from every debris you’ve picked-up. It is not a revenge, but a mature change to a better path in the future. You don’t have to be a donkey that fall down in a same pit, aren’t you?


Forgiven but not forgotten.

Doing Bad Doing Good.

I think bad thing not only fall on the head of bad people. It is unlikely. You know some bad-peeps slide their way out-of-bad thing and they really make it happen.

How about good ones? Often they fail to achieve what bad people have.

But you know what, I do believe, in some way bad people never go out with smile. I mean real one, that comes from heart. A heart full of satisfaction, a content heart, For bad thing always push someone to acquire more, having more. It’s like drinking salty water on the midday.

And good people, they seem to be in a bad luck, but they do it from their. Yes, sometimes many questions hanging around their mind. Yet, they can still whisper, I’m doing good.